SEO Content Writing

Creative SEO Content Writing is where our in house copywriters who are SEO trained, create service pages, location pages, landing pages and blog articles. They even support our Digital PR team with writing press releases. 

Our team of writers are trained in SEO, which means that whenever we write, we understand what people are searching for. This is achieved through keyword research which we incorporate into the writing to help rank for the audience and the keywords they search. We use keywords for inspiration as to what our audience wants to hear. 

We understand what people want through keyword research and create personable written content. Readers feel understood, which results in higher engagement and conversions for the businesses we write for. 

The monthly investment required for Creative Content Writing will vary depending on our time, industry and topic research , as well as the experience required from our writer to complete the work.

The price range for this service varies between $75 to $125 per hour, which is charged in four hour time slots.

Custom SEO Campaigns Tailored to Your Business.

House of Psalm is an SEO Agency that offers a tailored campaign specific to your company’s target audience.

We are selective about the clients we work with to ensure success. If you don’t meet our criteria, we offer free advice, introductions and, in some cases, a free audit.