House of Psalm is an enthusiastic & transparent SEO Agency focused on delivering beyond expectation through 
an innovative approach to organic search.

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What we do

Search Engine Optimisation


How we do it

Ever wanted to employ an experienced army of developers who actually know what they are doing when it comes to fixing technical SEO issues? We have the cream of the crop in house, ready just for you.

Think traditional PR but focused on search ranking increases through being so attractive to online publishers that one product, service or story gets so much coverage your the most authoritative option to rank at the top.

There is so much content out there being indexed on the web. What makes you different from everyone else? Our team of creative writers are trained in both SEO and professional copywriting. This means they know how to find what people are searching for, match it to your brand while being creative to make you stand out in the crowd, ultimately converting your visitors into raving fans.

Every business has a goal that is unique to its style of operating. Tracking relevant performance metrics that understands your unique style is crucial to uncovering actionable insights and reaching your revenue goals. We have you covered, by tailoring your conversion tracking to match your goals.

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“Success requires passion, hard work, sacrifice, a giving mentality, clear communication and the ability to listen. We want to be proud that we are making a difference by helping people. Whether that be their business, giving to charity or education. We want to grow our ability to help and serve communities around the world through our talent, Search Engine Optimisation.”

Jacob King Stanley, Director at House of Psalm.
Semrush Young Search Professional Of The Year

Jacob King Stanley Semrush Young Search Professional Award

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