Digital PR

Digital PR is when you have a product, service or story you would like to promote; we use our creative approach to pitch media companies and smaller blogs.

It’s the process of building a story through a pitch or press release and distributing it to publishers. Our focus is to have an article, page or image published with the link pointing to our client’s website, solidifying credibility from one party to the other.

We look for websites with an audience relevant to your industry and have a range of publishers from local educational blogs to news and media companies. We heavily consider where you’re starting from credibility versus where you want to go for certain keyword rankings, then cross-reference it with your industries competitive landscape.

Our goal is to increase your credibility and rankings from links pointing back to your website.

The monthly investment required for Digital PR will vary depending on your budget, our time, industry relevant publishers and their website audience, as well as the experience required from our publicists to achieve the results.

Our price range for this service varies between $125 to $250 per hour, which is charged in four-hour time slots.

Custom SEO Campaigns Tailored to Your Business.

House of Psalm is an SEO Agency that offers a tailored campaign specific to your company’s target audience.

We are selective about the clients we work with to ensure success. If you don’t meet our criteria, we offer free advice, introductions and, in some cases, a free audit.